"The Open Eyes Journey" Sketchers Exhibition Overview
Who are Lisbonsketchers?
Explorers of the city or wanderer? Contemplators or procrastinators?

Lisbonsketchers is an urban sketchers community in the Big Lisbon area. The goal of the community is to explore the city in different ways, draw stories of the streets together, share each person's vision, art, and life experience, support each other, and/or meditate. Yeah, we have only one rule - to have fun, enjoy, and let others do the same.

The group is free and open to people of any age, social class, and nationality. Weekly meetings are organized in different places, encouraging people to expose themselves, find their own sense of the site, and express it with any art techniques.

Do I need to register? No, for regular meetings you don't, take your own materials and come to the point.

How do I know the schedule? Check our Instagram or Whatsapp groups.

But if I don't draw well / at all? It's OK to come without any art experience, but remember it's not an art lesson.

Individual sketching workshops and lessons are available
Price: 40 euros, materials included
Registration: lisbonartist@gmail.com